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Sharon has an intuition that is not something one can 'learn' in any school.  She can sense discomfort in the body and know what mode of care is best to alleviate the discomfort and restore health to that area.  I have had several physical challenges that are a result of breast cancer and the drugs that are involved in treatment.  Following a massage that focused on the significant pain in my knees, I am more able to function without pain.  Her attitude of compassion and empathy provide an environment of safety so that I could relax and allow the healing to begin.


As a mountain and road biker, I tend to experience pretty rough back and leg pain.  After my first massage with Sharon, my body was numb.  By numb I mean it wasn't sure how to take the feeling of no pain.  I have since been back to her multiple times and will continue to do so.


Being on Sharon's table (and in her gifted hands) means taking a trip to a place that is rich with healing energy and intention.  

Sharon was born with a gift of bringing healing into the world, and she shares that gift with all of us.  as she has worked with me, I have felt myself relaxing, deeply, because I sensed, intuitively, that I could trust and surrender to her skills.  Those skills go beyond the mechanics of "good massage", though her deep strong touch caused my tired muscles to say "thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Sharon knows, instinctively, how to access "what hurts"  and how to infuse powerful energy to encourage a healing process that carries on well beyond the present session.  Genuine healing lives here.


Specialize in:

Stress, Trauma and Abuse, PTSD, Insomnia, Depression, Deep Tissue, and Sports Rehab/Event Recovery

Vision Statement:

What if everyone was truly in love with themselves first?  What if massage allowed the body to heal its wounds, words and labels placed on that person?  The answer?  It can and it does.  I am a personal testament to this. 

I am here to hold a safe space while helping people become so comfortable being in their own skin that there is no thought to critique wishing they were someone else.

Many years ago, while in college, I began getting massages for tight, aching muscles, due to running and weightlifting.  Managing the stresses of college, and the challenges of young adulthood, were made easier through my weekly visits for massage.  The therapist knew what areas were my trouble spots and I always felt like a weight had been lifted following one of my visits.

My very first visit with Sharon was even better than one of those visits.  I had been experiencing tightness in my neck, and shoulder blades for weeks.  I found it difficult to get comfortable while sleeping or resting.  Sharon worked the tightness from these areas through Deep Tissue Massage and I felt so much relief at the conclusion of our session.  Even though my time on the table was brief, I felt completely rejuvenated.  Better still, that night I slept more soundly than I had in quite some time.

Sharon is a gifted being who uses her hands to share her love for others through the  gift of healing.  I feel honored to know her and to soon call her my healing therapist.

Angelia Wimbley

Client Testimonials

I always thought that getting a massage was such a frivolous way to spend money.  I have since come to learn I was so very much mistaken.  I believe that having a good massage is as important as what you eat, as exercising and/or simply how you take care of yourself.  It is part of an overall sense of well-being.  I also believe finding the right Massage Therapist, that person you can trust with your being, is just as important.  I am fortunate to have found Sharon.  Have your heard of healing hands?  Well, numerous times I have been in such pain.  Sharon will ask all the right questions trying to really hone in to what the pain really is.  By the time she is done the relief is incredible and within a couple days is completely gone.  It's unreal for me to be pain free.  For Sharon, this is a calling, something that suits her personality and her essence.  She has always been a people person, a care giver, and has always wanted to help people any which way she can.  Through her God given talent, I believe she has found a way to do just that.  I have happily recommended Sharon to friends and will continue to do so.  She is spectacular and I am grateful to have her in my life.


Sharon Hollis, Licensed Massage Therapist

What I Do

My commitment to you is to bring the skills and service lines to the comfort and privacy of your home.  Given the right environment and tools, our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  People relax better, heal better and recover better where they feel safe.   You deserve the very best.   I am here to bring you  just that, in your own home.  You can let go of stress from day to day activities or create a treatment plan to allow your body to heal itself with different massage techniques. The service lines I offer will give you an opportunity to help you create and/or maintain the healthy body you deserve.