You are invited to dress down to your comfort level.  For a complete body

       massage, most people will completely undress.  However, if you feel more

       comfortable leaving your undergarments on, I will work around those areas,

      and modify treatment.   If being completely undressed leaves you feeling

      anxious or unsafe, then I am unable to offer you optimal treatment.  Either way,

      the massage treatment you choose will remain professional and in line with the

      standards of the Indiana State Board Requirements, Ethics and Guidelines. 

2.  Do I have to be covered with a sheet or towel?

      Yes.  I will provide draping for  you.  It is unlawful to receive a massage without

       appropriate draping.  My job is  to offer you a safe place to heal and recover

       while your muscles are worked on.  The only area uncovered during a massage

       will be the direct area I am working on at the time.

3.  How often should I get a massage? 

      The frequency of treatment depends on  areas you are working to modify

       and/or maintain.  Every 3 to 6 weeks is a  normal time frame to get a massage.

       However, if you are working out for a sporting event, or are currently involved

       in an on-going sport, you would probably need treatment weekly.

4.  If I want a deeper tissue massage, should I see a male therapist?

      The answer is NO.  The myth that a female therapist is unable to provide the

      depth to muscle tissue, necessary to provide theraputic treatment is simply

      not true.  I can assure you, if you are looking for deep tissue,  just ask.  Style and

      training determine the amount of pressure and depth a therapist can provide. 

      Deep tissue is one of my top two modalities.

5.  Can I talk during my session?

      Yes.  Some people find the silence awkward until he/she gets to know the

       therapist.  Others want to have no conversation.  This is your time. 

       Communication is required to get the optimum benefits from your massage.  If

       you choose to talk all the way through your massage, that is okay.  I will follow

       your lead, either way.  You can expect me to check in and ask if pressure is

       okay.  You can expect me to check in occasionally to be sure you are


6.  What if I don't like your choice of music for massage?

        That is an excellent question.  Some people do not love the sounds of whales

        and dolphins, while others cannot stand flutes.  For some, the sound of any

        kind of moving water makes them feel the urgency to go to the restroom.  I

        have taken extra care to choose soft music to slow things down a bit and allow

        your body to relax, without worrying about the words to a song, the sound of

        flutes, animals, whales or running water. 

7.  When should I choose not to get a massage? 

       If you have the flu, flu-like symptoms, a contagious virus or illness.  Also, if you

       have a fever, for any reason that is not the time to schedule a massage.

8.  What if I get an erection while getting a massage?

      This is a valid question and one not many people are comfortable asking.   Many

      men are afraid to get a massage out of fear of getting an erection.    Sometimes

      men get an erection during a non-sexual, therapeutic, full body massage. Touch

      administered to any part of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous

      system, which can result in a partial or complete erection.  An educated, 

      professional massage therapist understands this and it will not be an issue for

      him/her. If you are still concerned, I recommend wearing more fitted

      underwear (briefs or boxer briefs) which provide more support than traditional boxers.

      Note: If I feel that the session has turned sexual for the client, male or female, I

     may stop the session to clarify the client's intent, and may decide to end the

     session immediately.

10. Do I leave a tip?  Tips are always appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

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